Must-Have Words to Get Your Resume Noticed

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October 21, 2019

Word choice on your resume is more important than you may think.  You can’t rely on your experience to carry you through to the next round in the interview process.  If a hiring manager or recruiter is reading your resume they expect to see word choice that reflect the level and type of job you are applying for.  Here are a few words the experts say you need to include on your resume.

  1. Numbers

If you want to show that you are results-oriented and hard-working, prove it! The hiring manager will be more impressed if you give them the numbers that reflect your achievements.

  1. “Redesigned”

Action verbs are a must on all resumes, but not just any action verb, use one that shows leadership or transformation.

  1. “Launched”

“Simple, practical words that denote responsibility have the most impact. Launched, solved, transformed and optimized are all examples of action verbs that make you look good without resorting to cliches.”

  1. “Modernized”

Words like this show that you have transformed the work environment or process and additionally, you have been directly linked to revenue or customer base growth, reputation or traction for the company.

  1. “Value” Or “Valuable”

Providing value shows that you are thinking about how you will improve the business.  This is different than saying you are “hard working”.  Working hard doesn’t necessarily show that you are producing better results.

  1. “Orchestrated”

Choose the words you use carefully; anyone can say that the “led” a team. Choose a word that is more descriptive and can further explain that you did.  The word orchestrated means to arrange and direct, making it a little more precise than other more common words.

  1. Provide Examples

“…just listing the skill doesn’t do anything to set you apart from the crowd. The most powerful thing you can do is give examples. If you want to show that you are a team player, you can talk about things like working on cross-functional teams, onboarding new hires or developing a cross-training program. By listing concrete accomplishments and projects, you are demonstrating you have these skills in a credible and believable way that will help set you apart.”

  1. “Spearheaded”

Now is not the time to be shy or sell yourself short.  Use words that describe the level of commitment and involvement in a project.  Don’t say that you merely “helped”, if you took the lead use a strong word that emphasizes your contribution.

  1. Edit Expertly

One way to help you edit is to read your resume out loud.  This might help you catch any errors or issues before anyone else.  Also having family or friends read it will help if there is anything that seems confusing.  Word choice is important, but so is the length of your resume, try to focus on a few recent projects that you have been involved in instead of listing every single one in full detail.  This might feel overwhelming to the interviewer who only has enough time to skim through your resume.  Also edit the information so that it “sells you” for that particular position.

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