Policies and Guarantees

Equal Opportunity Employer

Scientific Search is an equal opportunity employer and refers applicants regardless of their: sex, race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, physical handicap, medical condition, age, marital status or any other legally proscribed criteria. 

Fee Schedule — Direct Hire

Placement fees for Success Based Recruiting (aka: Contingency Hire) are employer paid and are set at a percentage of the annual salary. There is no fee obligation unless and until the applicant actually begins employment. The fee is earned if the candidate is hired directly or indirectly by the employer or any of its affiliates within one year from the date of referral by Scientific Search. 

Fee Schedule – Contract Hire

Placement bill rates are quoted based on individual pay rates, plus all applicable federal, state and local payroll taxes, disability and unemployment taxes, worker’s compensation coverage and all other like charges including limited employee benefits. Scientific Search warrants that all its employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance. Placement bill rates will be quoted prior to an individual employee’s start date.

Guarantee Policy

Scientific Search guarantees direct hire placements for ninety (90) days. If the employee hired through Scientific Search resigns without just cause, or is terminated for just cause within ninety (90) days, we will replace the employee at no additional cost to you. This guarantee does not apply if the scope of the duties has changed substantially or if the separation is a result of a general downsizing or reduction in force. If the placement fee is not paid within ten (10) days, the guarantee is null and void.

Between 91-365 days, Scientific Search will replace the candidate for a discounted and pro-rated search fee based on the length of employment and is calculated by the month (not by the day). Example: If someone is in their 5th month of employment at time of termination, the replacement search fee will be 5/12ths of the original fee regardless of the salary of replacement. At the 10th month, the search fee would be 10/12th of the original fee and so on. In any scenario where the replacement fee is in question because of a mid-month start or termination, the fee will be on the lower side to the benefit of the client company.  No guarantee is provided after 365 days.

Scientific Search guarantees our contract employees for one day. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with a Scientific Search contract employee and inform us before the end of the first working day, there will be no charge for that temporary employee.