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Important Security Alert: Beware of Scams!

At Scientific Search, the trust and safety of our candidates is paramount. We’ve recently become aware of fraudulent activities being carried out by individuals or groups pretending to be affiliated with us. Please be vigilant as these scammers may contact you via unofficial channels, such as WhatsApp, or request personal information, including your age.

Please note:

  • Scientific Search will never use WhatsApp to initiate contact with you.
  • We will never ask for personal details like your age during our communications.
  • We will always speak to you live about a job

If you encounter any suspicious activity or communications claiming to be from Scientific Search, please feel free to call us direct to confirm if it is indeed us.

Scientific Search is a proven leader amongst recruiter agencies, bringing great employers and talented professionals together since 1983.


Need talent in these business segments? Our staffing agency assists with Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Clinical Research, Cell & Gene Therapy, Medical Devices/Diagnostics, Non-Profit Research Foundations and Pharma Market Research. We have a stellar track record amongst science recruiting agencies.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Our recruiting & staffing firm delivers high performing engineering and manufacturing talent for a wide range of industries and disciplines. We have decades of experience building careers and world-class teams alike.

Information Technology

As your recruiting firm, we help our clients build their technical and executive leadership teams with impact technical players and leaders who align with their organization’s culture.


Our staffing agency strategies identify and recruit top performers in Consumer-Packaged Goods, including Food and beverage markets, who are experts in their field, helping our clients to build the highest-performing teams nationwide.

We’ve Been Busy in Q2 2024!

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Need to fill a position? Reach out to one of our staffing team members from our recruiter agency.

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Need help finding talented technical, management, or executive -level professionals? Our recruiting team is here to assist your company with hiring the highest-performing talent!

We appreciate the hard work from Kim and her team to understand and help us grow our business. We feel that we have a true partner who can recruit from a spectrum of different roles, within the healthcare space.

CEO of Clinical Research Organization

Timeliness has been a critical factor in working with Scientific Search. They are always quick to respond to my needs. I have often called with only a day or two notice, looking for resources and they have always gotten back to me in a timely manner. For the temporary to permanent positions it takes a little longer but has proven to be much more expedient than working with other resources we have.

Director of Global Engineering, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

I have worked with other recruiters for a long time. However, since I have started working with Scientific Search, I have severed my relationships with other firms. With each assignment over the past few months, you have understood the requirements right on the mark and have presented a reasonable variety of candidates. I appreciate that you have not burdened me with candidates simply to meet a goal. You are a pleasure to work with and I thank you for your perseverance in helping to fill our vacancies.

Vice President, Equipment Manufacturer

Your company has been a valuable asset to me in filling my company’s long and short term staffing needs. You and your staff have repeatedly exhibited an understanding for our industry and have delivered for me even when faced with what would be perceived by others as an “impossible” time frame – like the time when I called at 4pm Friday needing a highly specialized person by Monday. You are important resource for my company!

President, Engineering Company

Candidates Placed

Need to fill a position? Reach out to one of our team members.

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  • External Scientific Affairs Manager
  • Head of Quality Assurance
  • QC Chemist, Raw Materials (3)
  • Invitro Research Assistant (2)
  • Director, Grants Management
  • Biopharma Design Engineer
  • Senior Talent Management Business Partner
  • In Vivo Lab Technician
  • R&D Scientist
  • HR Manager
  • Architectural CAD Design/Drafter
  • Principal Investigator, Clinical Research
  • Scientific Affairs Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Quality Supervisor, 2nd shift
  • Lab Technician
  • Director, Polymer Material Science Research
  • R&D Scientist II
  • Senior Director, Computer Validation System
  • Director, Analytical R&D
  • Head of Manufacturing Sciences & Technology
  • Brand Product Manager
  • Commercial Operations Specialist
  • Metrology Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Pharmacovigilance Associate
  • Sales Engineer
  • QA Complaint Investigator
  • Sales Engineer
  • QC Supervisor
  • Senior Service Engineer
  • Head Chemist
  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Invivo Scientist
  • ERP Specialist
  • DBA Administrator


  • AutoCAD Design/Drafter
  • Senior Scientist – Applied Technology
  • Research Associate
  • HR Coordinator
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Validation Engineer
  • Executive Assistant
  • Clinical Project Manager
  • Biobanking Technician
  • Research Associate
  • Research Technician – Stem Cell
  • Packaging Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Technician


Talent Searching?

Need help finding talented technical, management, or executive-level professionals? Our recruiting agency team is here to assist your company with hiring the highest-performing talent!

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Leveraging an executive search firm like Scientific Search for talent acquisition comes with a multitude of benefits. As a distinguished staffing agency, we have decades of experience helping organizations fill crucial executive roles. Notably, we boast an expansive network and unrivaled access to highly qualified candidates — often not reachable through standard recruitment methods such as job boards. With our deep-rooted industry expertise, we possess a keen understanding of job descriptions and prerequisites, enabling us to attract candidates who not only meet the technical qualifications but are also a good fit with the company’s culture and values.

Scientific Search stands as a leader among executive search firms, capable of engaging with a vast pool of pre-vetted, qualified candidates. These individuals may not be actively perusing job boards or employment sites but remain open to fresh opportunities. Companies that partner with our esteemed search firm can access this hidden talent pool and significantly enhance the caliber of their hires.

Our hiring process is comprehensive, extending beyond a candidate’s paper qualifications. It encompasses thorough interviews, careful evaluation of candidates’ skills and expertise, and an assessment of their compatibility with the potential team and organization’s leadership culture. This is particularly essential when recruiting for pivotal roles like a vice president or president, where exceptional leadership is as vital as functional competencies. By helping organizations connect with the right candidate, Scientific Search empowers businesses to make data-driven hiring decisions.

Job Hunting?

If you are looking to take the next step, or assessing your career goals and potential pathways, take a look at our open positions in the Career Portal.

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Scientific Search offers a robust platform for professionals seeking new career horizons. Renowned in the executive search realm, we collaborate with companies across a variety of industries, including life sciences, biotech and much more. Our vast network and industry acumen open up a range of positions that might otherwise be inaccessible. The process begins with our recruiters, staffers, or hiring consultants comprehending the candidate’s ambitions, skills, and experiences. These insights are then matched with job descriptions from our extensive client portfolio, ensuring an optimal fit for both the candidate and the prospective employer.

Our focus encompasses ensuring that the candidates they recommend are poised to contribute positively to the company’s objectives and align well with the office culture. This comprehensive approach to recruitment makes us an exceptional choice for individuals pursuing executive roles across a wide range of industries.

Scientific Search’s executive search services are invaluable to professionals seeking a new career. Our team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and all-encompassing approach to recruitment differentiate us from other recruiting and staffing agencies. In today’s complex business environment, an executive search firm like Scientific Search is an indispensable partner in achieving success.

We’re a Trusted Executive Search Firm

At Scientific Search, we separate ourselves from other recruiting agencies and staffing firms through our decades of experience in connecting organizations with the professionals they need for their continued success and growth. Our staffing agency has access to extensive resources and industry knowledge that is utilized to help our clients find the right candidate as quickly as possible. Additionally, the skilled staff on our team are backed by years of experience and will know precisely what you are looking for. As a result, you can always depend on our services for your various staffing needs.

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Professionals and organizations alike can depend on our employment agency to partner with excellence. For additional information on how our staffing team and hiring consultants can assist your unique needs, contact Scientific Search today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have pertaining to our executive search firm.