Interview Preparation Checklist

October 08, 2019

You have just been contacted to come in for an interview for a job that you have recently submitted your online application.  Your initial response is to be super excited, which quickly evolves into being anxious and letting the nerves creep in.  To fight the nerves, don’t panic! Just make sure that you are fully prepared for the interview by completing the following steps.

  1. Study for the interview like it’s an exam.

Find out as much information as possible about the company and commit as much to memory as you can.  Also brush up on the knowledge and technical skills that apply directly to the position in which you have applied.

  1. Generate a list of interview question.

Come up with a list of questions that you expect the interviewer to ask you, some based on real life experiences.  It also helps to reach out to people in your network that have a similar role at a similar company.  They might be able to tell you about their interviewing experience and that can help get you thinking about questions and scenarios you may not have otherwise.

  1. Answer anticipated questions and practice them.

Answer the questions that you anticipate, writing them down helps you remember them.  After you have formulated your answers try saying them out-loud.  Its ok if you recite it word for word, and is actually better if you don’t so that it sounds more natural in the interview, but make sure that you hit all your key points.  Also be sure to have questions prepared for the interviewer.  When coming up with these questions make sure you are not asking something that can be easily found online.

  1. Compare your skills and experiences to the job description.

For each bullet on the job description think about your relevant skills and experiences, and consider how to present them to the hiring manager.  If there are skills that are listed that you do not have be ready to show how you can be successful without it.

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