Retained Search

Our Retained or Priority Search Process is the outgrowth of extraordinary success with existing clients in niche markets. The short version of the story goes something like this:

A key employee of a valued client in a specialized vertical suddenly leaves for a competitor. This client has hired dozens of key staff from Scientific Search over a two-year period. 

The client asks, “What can we do to replace this very important individual quickly?”

Within 30 days, Scientific Search met with the hiring authority, identified key target companies, and sourced a successful candidate. As a result of our success, Scientific Search has added Retained Search as an option for our clients. We have now completed hundreds of these searches.

The key elements found in successful outcomes like the one depicted above, is precision and timely efficiency.

This is the heart of our priority search philosophy, differentiating Scientific Search from “traditional-retained only” search firms.

These traditional firms historically rely on established networks and sometimes-cumbersome processes that result in six months, nine months, or even one-year time lines for hire.

Our approach could not be more different

Scientific Search brings contingency speed to retained search – we attack our searches with a sense of urgency that borders on obsession.

The sooner a “Change Agent” caliber candidate is in place, the sooner success follows and profits increase for our clients, and for us.

Why Retained?

Retained Search provides an option for our clients in very competitive spaces the ability to identify, source and on-board the very best talent for critically important positions within their firms. These are typically senior level and leadership roles that carry the designation C, V or even Director monikers.

Access and Authority

Retained search gives the recruiter access to the best candidates.

The first question typically asked by elite candidates is, “Are you retained?” There is great power when the firm can confidently say, “Yes.” This results in the ability to get the attention of the best available talent.

Additionally, this assures these elite candidates of a professional, ethical and thorough process.


Additional personnel provide more than just a “database search.”


Researching and sourcing allow the firm to recruit the very best.


Both parties have a vested, financial interest. Upfront, agreed upon timelines make for timely search completion and success.


Sometimes critical depending on the rationale for the search. Companies can remain anonymous if need be.

Market Intelligence

Scientific Search will gather and disseminate information during the search process
and provide timely and insightful information.

The Trickle Down Effect

Sometimes difficult to measure, but rest assured, the positive branding message relayed during a retained search typically results in additional placements unencumbered of additional search fees.

Choosing the Right Staffing Option

Need to talk to one of our recruiting specialists to see which staffing option will work best for you and your organization?

We will help guide you on finding the perfect candidate and building a relationship with us. Call us today at 856-761-0900 or click the contact button.