Contract & Direct Staffing Options

You Have Options with Scientific Search

We understand that your staffing needs may vary according to project and position. That’s why we offer candidates who can fit any type of staffing situation.

Whether contract, direct hire, temp to direct, or consultants we can meet all your needs with our variety of convenient options.

We have honed our skills for Retained Searches as well as Success Based Searches (also known as Contingency Hire) so we can fully accommodate you!

Since 1983, Scientific Search has been providing leading employers with recruiting and staffing excellence in the information technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, engineering, manufacturing, market research and food/beverage industries. Through our extensive knowledge and experience in these areas, we are extremely successful in providing qualified candidates to meet any staffing situation.

Whether it’s contract, direct, or temp to direct placements, or anything in between, we work with the best technology, management, and executive professionals to find the perfect solution.

Contract Staffing

This option allows you to bring in top-notch professionals for a specific length of time or project. When the project is over, you can assign our contractor to a new project or send him/her back to us for reassignment.

And the best part? You not only save money by lowering your staff overhead, but you also save time by employing contractors who already know how to do the job.

There’s no time wasted training new employees or easing them into new positions. Our candidates are experienced professionals who are ready to work!

Direct Staffing

When you work with us to fill a direct hiring need, you can choose from our Success Based Recruiting (also known as Contingency Search) or Retained Search models.

On a Success Based Search, you pay a fee only when you hire one of our candidates.

And … we are so confident in our ability to deliver the special candidate who meets your needs, that if the employee doesn’t work out, we’ll work to find your replacement immediately.

Retained Search provides an option for our clients in very competitive spaces, or with the need for a high level of confidentiality,  the ability to identify, source, and on-board the very best talent for critically important positions within their firms.

These are typically senior level and leadership roles that carry the designation C, V or even Director monikers.


Contract-to-Direct Staffing

This is the perfect low-risk option for many staffing needs. Because there are no up-front fees, you can “preview” a candidate on a trial basis while he/ she remains on our payroll.

If the candidate’s on-the-job-performance meets your expectations, you can then decide to offer him or her a direct employment position with your company.

Since our conversion fees for contract-to-direct hire are less than our direct hire fees (and decrease with the length of the contract employment period) you are saving money while evaluating whether the candidate is right for the job.


Areas that we have often provided consultants for include:

  • Clinical Development
  • Human Resources and Talent Acquisition
  • Information Technology
  • Pharma Market Research
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Product Development


These professionals typically have significant experience and come in at a high level to assist with completing specific projects.  They provide expertise and skills in a specific area to supplement the talents of current staff.  They are available to work as many or as few hours per week or month as needed for the projects.  Often times, the consultants we provide are past clients of Scientific Search that have moved on from their full-time jobs and now provide consulting services to other organizations.

When the project is over, you can assign our Consultant to a new project or send him/her back to us for reassignment.  And the best part?  You not only save money by lowering your staff overhead, but you also save time by employing consultants who already now how to do the task at hand.  There’s no time wasted training new employees or easing them into positions.


  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Technology Transfer
  • Validation
  • Very Specific Engineering needs
  • Very Specific Scientific needs

Please feel free to ask about other specific Consultant needs. 

Choosing the Right Staffing Option

Need to talk to one of our recruiting specialists to see which staffing option will work best for you and your organization?

We will help guide you on finding the perfect candidate and building a relationship with us. Call us today at 856-761-0900 or contact us.