Becoming a Scientific Search Employee & contractor

As a Scientific Search Employee

Scientific Search is your employer and we will assign you to work with our client companies. You are not an employee of any company to which  you are assigned, or of any company that is a client of Scientific Search. This relationship is important to remember if you have any questions or problems regarding your job. As our employee, you must talk to us first, so we can find a solution that is agreeable to everyone involved.

Some typical situations requiring you to call Scientific Search immediately include:

  • Job description change
  • Change in assignment hours
  • Inadequate supervision or support
  • An offer of permanent employment
  • An extension to the length of your assignment

Please do not hesitate to call us to request or share any information. Open communication is critical to our mutual success as we make sure that your needs and those of the clients continue to be met.

Our phone number is 856-761-0900. We appreciate your keeping us up to date throughout your assignment.


  • At the end of your first day of work
  • In the middle of your assignment
  • Two weeks before the scheduled completion of your assignment. (You must always inform us if your job is extended.)

Just as you expect high quality service from us, we have high expectations of you. Please make a commitment to the following Scientific Search Standards of Conduct.

Standards of Conduct

  • Be on time every day.
  • Complete your entire assignment.
  • Respect the client, the work environment, and their policies.
  • When you complete the work you are given, promptly let your client supervisor know you are ready for the next task.
  • Dress appropriately for the client’s environment. When in doubt, ask us what is appropriate.
  • Client confidentiality is essential. Please use professional discretion. Some clients may require you to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Remain flexible regarding lunch and breaks. These are to be arranged with your client supervisor based on his or her needs.
  • Never use client telephones for personal calls without permission. If permitted, call only on your break.

If you are injured at work, call Scientific Search immediately. If you are unable to call, have someone else call.

Professional Conduct

Professional conduct is appreciated and expected, and is a condition of your employment with Scientific Search.

Inappropriate behavior or careless work affects you, us, and our clients. You are employed at will and may be released at any time if you do not meet the standards of Scientific Search or our clients. As an at-will employee, the decision to terminate your association with Scientific Search is at your discretion as well.

We do request a minimum of two-week notification if you decide to terminate your assignment prior to completion.

Policy on Voicemail, Work Areas, Computer Files, E-mail and Internet Use

The voicemail, work areas, computer files, email and internet facilities at the client’s site are the property of Scientific Search’s clients and should be used for business purposes only as instructed by the client. You should have no expectation of privacy in anything you create, store, send or receive using a client’s computer equipment. Any inappropriate or unauthorized use of the client’s electronic property is grounds for termination.

Working Together

As a team, we are sure to develop a mutually satisfying and productive relationship. Your hard work, cooperation, commitment, and flexibility will be rewarded with more assignments, good references, and new opportunities. We keep track of all comments we receive about your performance and use them to make future placement decisions.

But just as we gather feedback about you, we want to get feedback from you. Please give us your thoughts about job assignments, Scientific Search procedures and the services that we are providing you. Information you share with us is the best resource we have for making improvements at Scientific Search.