Payroll Procedures

In order to be paid, you must turn in a properly completed timesheet. Paychecks are issued on Friday for the previous week’s work.


Time Sheets

Time sheets representing work in the previous week must be received by 10:00am each Monday. If Monday is a holiday, time  sheets are due at Scientific Search by 10:00am on Tuesday.

Please email your time card to

You may print a timesheet directly from this website (Adobe Acrobat required). Timesheets will not be processed without the client’s approval (signature). If timesheets are received without client approval or after 12:00pm on Monday, your paycheck may be delayed.

Accurately recording time worked is the responsibility of every nonexempt employee.  Time worked is all the time actually spent on the job performing assigned duties.  In general, you should exclude meal time or time away from work for personal reasons.  Altering, falsifying, or tampering with time records may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination or employment.

All overtime work must receive your immediate supervisor’s prior authorization.


Paychecks are issued each Friday for the previous weeks’ work. Paychecks are normally direct deposited to your bank account and you will be given directions on how to set up an account on the payroll portal to view your stub.

Rates of Pay

Your individual rate of pay is based on the skills and experience required to perform an assignment, the level of responsibility, and the length of time you have worked on an assignment. At Scientific Search, we pay the highest possible wages to our employees as determined by each individual job assignment. In addition, we are responsible for covering the employer’s share of your Social Security and Medicare contributions, and we pay your worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance.

Payroll Taxes

We will withhold all Federal payroll taxes (income tax, Social Security, and Medicare) and State/local payroll taxes from your paycheck. In general, the withholding of State and local taxes is based on the location of your assignment (the client’s location) rather than the location of Scientific Search’s office or of your residence.

Some states do have reciprocal agreements in regards to the withholding of income taxes. For example, if you live in Pennsylvania but have a work assignment in New Jersey, we will withhold Pennsylvania income tax rather than New Jersey. In this example, we must still withhold New Jersey unemployment and disability taxes. Similarly, if you live in New Jersey but have a work assignment in Pennsylvania, we will withhold New Jersey income tax.