How to Write an Outstanding Thank You Note After an Interview

Topic: Job-Seeker
June 25, 2019

Writing a Thank you letter is an important part of the interview process.  It speaks volumes about your work ethic and is a courtesy to the hiring team.  A Thank You note might not save you from a bad interview, but it can give you the edge or benefit if your interview went so well that you are a top contender for the position. Here are some tips to consider when you are crafting the perfect Thank You note.

  1. Be concise, keep the word count to about 200, so that you are being respectful of the interviewer’s time.
  2. Talk about something specific so that is personal and meaningful.
  3. Mention the position
  4. Be sure to proofread before sending
  5. Send the Thank You on the first day after the interview.
  6. Use a simple and short subject line
  7. Make sure that your words are showing enthusiasm
  8. Use the interviewers name in the greeting and again in closing
  9. The letter should have a balance of what they excel in and areas of improvement
  10. When you sign your name include a branding statement. Your branding statement should include your key job function or the title of the job you applied to, and also your most impressive recent accomplishment

“Employers won’t hire you if you don’t understand their need. Don’t forget to reiterate that you understand why the role exists (what the challenges are), briefly remind the interviewer why you’d be the best candidate and further illustrate your commitment to the role”

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