4 Ways to Tweak Your Resume for Better Success

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September 03, 2019
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After you read the job description and realize you are the perfect fit for the position you have to prove it to the hiring team who will be looking at your resume. You open your resume knowing that you need tailor it specifically to the job, including important keywords to get noticed.  Here are some ideas for how to convey that you are a good fit without simply reiterating bullet points from the job description.

Play on a Team…

If the company is looking for a team player, highlight that you have worked successfully with your peers.  In this case it is easy to want to talk about a time when you worked well in a team in a leadership role, but save that example for when you need to highlight leadership experience.

For example:

Increased email click-through rate by 20% by collaborating closely with other members of design team

Partnered with 6 other employees to plan and execute a 200-person corporate retreat

Key Words: Work with, collaborate, partner, participate, merge, unite, contribute, develop relationships with”

…But Also Be a Leader

When the position is asking for a leader, you can highlight any leadership experience, even if you think you may not have any there are ways to show leadership even in an entry level role.

For example:

On-boarded, trained, and oversaw 5 new employees in the analytics department

Gave presentation on effective communication processes to 60-person company

Implemented new time management software system and taught 10 employees how to use it

Supervised 4 direct reports

Key Words: Facilitate, manage, supervise, teach, direct, delegate, mediate, recruit, advise, administer, moderate, instruct, guide, counsel, coach, arbitrate, liaise, coordinate, inspire, influence

Thrive for More

Another common bullet point in job descriptions is “thriving in a fast-paced environment”.  There are a few ways to concretely show that you can handle anything and stay calm in a busy atmosphere.

For example:

Planned and launched 3 simultaneous employee engagement programs, resulting in a 20% increase in reported employee satisfaction

Answered 40+ calls per day while helping in-store customers and maintaining area cleanliness

Identified and solved 20+ customer queries each week while researching and resolving payment discrepancies

Key Words: Prioritize, expedite, organize, manage, multitask, dynamic environment, high-volume

Be a Strong Communicator

Another common attribute that companies are always looking for is a strong communicator.  Depending on the role you are applying for the type of communication can vary, give examples that pertain to the industry or role that you are applying for.

For example:

Interacted with approximately 50 customers per day, improving their experience through warm, friendly demeanor, and eagerness to answer questions

Negotiated partnerships with 4 new clients, helping company establish a strong position in emerging market

Rewrote on boarding process for overseas contract workers, a 100-page document used to train approximately 500 employees each year

Key Words: Compose, write, present, speak, interview, lobby, persuade, negotiate, author, discuss, interface, clarify, articulate

When tweaking your resume by using keywords and examples that provide concrete facts and numbers, it will help put you ahead in the process and hopefully show the hiring managers that you are the best fit for the position by eliminating any guess work or leaving them to fill in the blanks.

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