5 Steps to Establish A Culture of Employee Engagement

May 07, 2019

There are many benefits to achieving employee engagement, “With an engaged staff of employees, you lower your risk of turnover, boost customer satisfaction, and increase your company’s overall chance of success.”  But engagement is also something that cannot be forced upon your staff.  Each individual needs to be genuinely interested in engaging with the company and it’s culture.

Forbes writer Mike Kappel, has come up with ways that companies can use to encourage their employees’ engagement.  Engagement is described as the level of commitment, passion and loyalty that the employee will give to their employer.

To instill engagement from day one, the employer should not skip on-boarding and training.  If an employee has a good handle on what they are expected to do they will be proud of the work they produce instead of feeling confused, rushed or frustrated.


Second, the company needs to set goals.  By having goals set on an annual quarterly or monthly basis it encourages employees to be engaged and shows them that they are directly contributing to the success of the company.

Another way to engage employees is the build a relationship with them, Little things like greetings at the beginning or end of the day, and celebrating accomplishments, anniversaries, and birthdays will show that you appreciate all that they do for you.


A mutually beneficial way to retain employees is to focus on employee development.  Employees that are engaged and know that their employer is willing to invest in continued training or educational assistance will in turn be more productive on the job, and less likely to quit.

Lastly, the employer should not micromanage.  “Employees can’t be engaged if they don’t have freedom in how to do their jobs.”  Micromanaging can be damaging to the business, your employees can become disengaged and act more robotic.

Companies should prioritize ways to keep employees engages, having disengaged employees can lower morale, and contribute to a decrease in productivity.

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