Tips to Avoid Errors in the Interview Process

August 12, 2019
You have applied to a position and you are the perfect candidate, the employer asks you to come in for an interview, there are still some things that you could do in the interview process to deny you the position.  Here are somethings to be aware of while interviewing.

First impressions are of the utmost importance.  Showing up late to an interview could easily take away your chances of being the chosen candidate.  If you do arrive late the best you can do is explain your situation, apologize and hope that that can save you.

Another important part of giving a good first impressions is dressing appropriately, and comfortable.  Even if the company dress code is very relaxed it is better to dress professionally.

If you are dressed comfortably it might help you look and feel a little more at ease in the process.  While it is natural to be nervous or anxious before your interview try to relax beforehand, recruited can see your nervous “ticks”.  Arriving on time, dressed appropriately, comfortable and confident are key, show the hiring team that you are present, focused and involved.

Confidence is important but be sure that you are not coming off as arrogant. When describing and example of something use more modest phrases such as “I was lucky enough to…” instead of providing forceful affirmations.

Before you go into the interview, know the company.  Don’t simple ready the job post, do a little more research, know the company, industry, and positions requirements.

Have your resume written to highlight the things you have done that are important for the position you are applying for.  Be ready to talk about job transitions, but avoid responding too fast or in a scripted manner.  While you should feel comfortable talking about your resume and previous experiences, be sure not to divulge too much.  Leave personal matters out of the conversation unless the recruiter invites you to speak on them.

The first interview is coming to a close, now is not the time to talk about compensation or benefits.  Though they are things that need to be considered if you get to offer stage, they should not be brought up too early in the process.  Finally, be sure that you have some questions prepared for the interviewers, this will show that you are interested in the position.

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