How to Provide a High-Performance Culture

June 03, 2019
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Company culture is of the utmost importance, one bad review claiming a toxic culture, unethical rules or discouraging management can be hard to recover from, after hours and countless efforts towards investing in your brand.  Company culture is important to employees during the job hunt, so that the employee can look forward to going into work each day.

Here are a few suggestions on how a company can provide a high-performance culture to attract top talent.

  1. Clarify values and communicate them every day

Having defined values will drive the behavior of staff on a day to day basis that will contribute to the overall success of the company.

  1. Reinforce positive behavior

Leaders should reward individuals for a job well done, so that they are more likely to repeat it in the future.  It is also important for morale to not emphasize the negative thoughts or behaviors.

  1. Encourage open communications

It is important that employees, from entry level to the c-suite, feel like they are able to share ideas and communicate openly.

  1. Employee empowerment

Employees will trust the decisions made by their leaders, but at times it is important for the employee to feel empowered to make decisions that directly or indirectly relate to them.

  1. Collect feedback

Ask for feedback from the employees before they are gone and post a negative review on sites like

  1. Focus on what matters

Focus on things that matter, perks and incentives are great but it is also important to show that part of your company culture focuses on this such as room for growth, appreciation, transparency, no favoritism, sense of purpose and supportive leadership.


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