Hiring Numbers Highest Planned Since 2008


The economy continues to recover, albeit slowly, from the Great Recession of 2009. Since employment tends to be a lagging economic indicator, improvement in hiring rates are just starting to reach pre-Recession figures.

In fact, a study from the ManpowerGroup reveals that in this quarter, employers expect to hire the most employees since the last quarter of 2008. For those keeping score, the financial industry meltdown that led to the recent Great Recession happened in Q4 of 2008. How will this new upturn in hiring affect both direct hire and contract staffing firms?


Details from the ManpowerGroup Survey Show Job Growth Returns
The ManpowerGroup survey is wide-ranging, with respondents from 66,000 employers located in 42 different countries all over the world. The company has been doing the survey for 50 years, and feels it is “absolutely unparalleled in its size, scope, longevity and area of focus.”

The portion of the survey related to U.S. Employers shows that 22 percent of them plan on increasing their staff levels in the current quarter, which is a four-year high for the survey. Employers in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia are reporting an uptick in hiring. The planned increase in job availability is occurring over all sectors, including those related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Opportunities Exist for Technology Professionals and Staffing Firms
This recent hiring growth means that chances for employment are improving for technology professionals in addition to the staffing firms and direct hire agencies that support both the employer and candidate. In fact, the ManpowerGroup survey states that the lack of qualified professionals might be an issue that hampers the recovering economy.


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