Consider Completing College as a STEM Major

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August 15, 2014


When you embark on a collegiate career in one of the STEM degree programs, it is important to hit the ground running, so to speak. Spending the summer before school starts — if you are following a traditional college calendar — in preparation is a great way to ensure you are successful in your higher education endeavor. Remember that any STEM degree involves difficult classroom work, so you’ll have to step up to ensure you earn a degree leading to a successful career.

Let’s take a closer look at how to ensure you’ll successfully complete college as a STEM major.

Preparing for the 60 Hour College “Work Week”
Remember that college life when in a STEM major involves classroom sessions in addition to any laboratory work. That doesn’t even count the time you’ll spend studying outside the classroom. In short, a 60-hour “work week” is typical when enrolled in any science or engineering program. Don’t forget you may need to work a part-time job as well to help meet expenses.

Spending some upfront time before school starts is key to help you perform best when in class, especially when it involves difficult math courses. “Even for strong students, math is hard,” says Jeanne Clelland, the University of Colorado’s associate chairwoman for undergraduate studies for the department of mathematics.

Find a Summer STEM Preparatory Program
Consider finding any summer preparatory program relevant to your major ( how to patent something here ) . This extra effort goes a long way to ensure you are a success in the classroom that fall. These programs generally review high school level classes with an eye towards introducing some of the more difficult concepts you’ll see in your college major.

Engineering majors also benefit from doing some of their own lab projects to get a hands-on feel for their discipline. Reading through Make magazine is a great source for do-it-yourself projects to help whet your appetite before starting school in the fall.

If you need any additional advice before beginning a STEM college program or even with a fledgling career in science, engineering, or mathematics, talk to the experts at Scientific Search. As one of the top STEM staffing agencies on the East Coast, we can help you with your college or work career. Schedule some time with us today!

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