Best Tips for Employee Motivation

July 10, 2018

Employee happiness is so important to running a successful business. Many authors and business experts have given their two cents on how to motivate employees, so I have tried to narrow down their many suggestions to just three key tips.

  1. Organization: Give employees advance notice of what is going on- Surprises have their place in some parts of human life, but work is not one of them. Companies and managers need to maintain organization, so they can give advance notice of any new projects, change in deadlines, or additional work that the employees need to do. This will help keep everyone happy and prevent excess stress. Being prepared results in better quality work – there is adequate time to complete the task and makes everyone’s job easier.
  2. Communication: clearly and openly- If there are issues with administration, layoffs, budget cuts, or any other changes that can shake up a company, be honest with employees. Not knowing what is going on, but feeling a ‘vibe’ creates stress and causes rumors that are usually far worse than what is really happening. Even if it means telling employees that they can expect a period of restructuring in the near future or other vague answers, at least the employees can mentally prepare for the future. Honesty and transparency are also important because these are your employees; it is their business as well! Every company is a family and the changes will be felt in every branch and office. Show your employees that they can trust their livelihood with you by being honest and maintaining open lines of communication.
  3. Set clear goals so that employees can create their own path: Creativity and intelligence go hand in hand. By providing goals and allowing employees to use their own intellect and skills to reach them, you are giving them the freedom and pleasure of discovering the best way for them to personally complete a task. There must be a clear goal so they know when their job is done. It has been proven that productivity and overall happiness increase when people have some wiggle room to figure out their own way of meeting their goal.

These three tips to help employee motivation are simple, but effective.

Employee Motivation =Employee Happiness = Company Success

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