Are you having difficulty finding the right people?

Whether it’s an engineer, scientist, technical manager or executive to fill a permanent position, or an expert for a temporary requirement or project, we are here to help. Retained Search or Success Based Recruiting (also known as Contingency Hire), we have honed our skills to accommodate your needs.

Scientific Search RecruitingWe utilize every resource and tool available to meet your needs… quickly! From our in-house database with thousands of technical professionals, to social media mining, to aggressive use of our referral networks, our recruiters are only hours away from finding a qualified candidate for you.

And qualified candidates are all you’ll ever receive from us. We thoroughly interview every candidate and check references to ensure that you don’t just receive a candidate that is readily available, you receive the best candidate for the job.

We know that in todays’ market, time is critical. 

With organizations running lean, there is no room for a position to remain open for any length of time without significantly impacting your profitability.  There is also no time to do the search on your own without letting other things fall behind.  Finding the right talent is time consuming and requires a dedicated resource.  We are that dedicated resource.

Our team of recruiters will identify the Top Talent in your industry quickly and effectively.

                    We are Fully compliant with the Pay Equity Act.