Making a Positive First Impression (By the Numbers)


A good first impression goes a long way when meeting people — both in your personal and professional lives. There are proven ways to impress those you are meeting for the first time. Anyone is able to learn these techniques and the best thing: they are backed up by statistical analysis.


Don’t Skimp on Your Clothes.
About 10 seconds after meeting someone for the first time, 55 percent of those surveyed feel physical appearance influences their first impression of that person. Everyone can’t naturally look like Minka Kelly or Justin Timberlake, so make sure your clothes help convey this positive influence.


Be Aware of Your Tone.
38 percent of people feel tone of voice plays into their first impression of a person. Because of this, take steps to ensure you don’t sound bored or arrogant. A calm voice showing enthusiasm is what you should strive for.


Body Language is Vital.
Body language is arguably the most important aspect in a first impression. 93 percent of those surveyed feel non-verbal communication affects their opinion of others. Don’t slouch or fold your arms when meeting someone professionally for the first time.


Be Punctual.
Don’t ever be late for an interview or a first meeting with anyone. If anything, try to arrive about 15 minutes early. Failure to do so shows a lack of respect for the other person’s time.


Listening is an Important Skill.
Listening is a vital skill for business — both when making a first impression and beyond. Studies show that people retain only 50 percent of the information they hear. If you can raise that number, chances are much better than 50 percent that you will go far in your career!


Always Remember to Relax.
Making sure you are calm and relaxed during an interview or when first meeting someone helps your body language, attentiveness, and your tone — three additional important factors in first impressions. Try to do some quick meditating or breathing exercises right before the interview.


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