How to use Music to promote STEM Education

Getting students inspired enough to stay engaged during math and science classes can be difficult at times. Current teachers and their former students now active in the scientific fields note that the educational material in the STEM disciplines trends towards the boring. Finding ways to make the learning process fun helps students do better in these classes,…


Key Secrets to becoming a Great Manager

Any industry depends on quality management to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and the STEM-related industries are no exception. Not everyone is cut out to be a manager, which takes a combination of skills — everything from proper project scheduling to human psychology. Here is a look at a few secrets worth learning…


Consider Completing College as a STEM Major

When you embark on a collegiate career in one of the STEM degree programs, it is important to hit the ground running, so to speak. Spending the summer before school starts — if you are following a traditional college calendar — in preparation is a great way to ensure you are successful in your higher…