Market Research
Let Scientific Search be your Pennsylvania Market Research Recruiter!  We specialize in Market Research recruiting and staffing for multiple industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and consumer.  We have a dedicated team of Pennsylvania Market Research Recruiters who focus exclusively on this segment.  Our typical Pennsylvania Market Research Recruiter has several years of experience and has filled positions such as project/research manager, focus group moderator, account/sales manager, SAS programmer and statistician.  Positions include technical, management and executive levels (including Directors and Vice Presidents) and all facets of Market Research such as qualitative, quantitative, primary and secondary.  Although our office is located in South Jersey, we have worked extensively with Pennsylvania clients in Philadelphia, Allentown, Pittsburgh and other metropolitan areas.  Call or email us today to let us show you what one of our Pennsylvania Market Research Recruiters can do!


Our internal database contains thousands of qualified professionals that our Pennsylvania Market Research Recruiters have established relationships with.  We are typically able to provide you with outstanding candidates within days of a request if not sooner.  Here are some candidates our staff has identified as exceptional in what they do, and potentially high impact hires at their new organizations:


Featured Market Research Candidates


243,507 – Vice President, Strategic Account Development – 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Responsible for accelerating the adoption of client’s technology platform within CPG, retail and technology verticals. Broad experience consulting with clients on marketing, research and innovation initiatives. Oversee research teams to ensure implementations are successfully executed. Manage up to 6 teams within organization. Transformed how client sold access to its products by evolving our offering from print directors to multi-year contracts offering custom online access solutions. Exceeded revenue targets for each period by 30-70%. Outstanding Sales Achievement of the Year Award in 2012 & 2013. For additional information on this exceptional candidate please contact Lisa Bianchini,


3,477 – Director, Business Development – 20 years experience in both global pharmaceuticals and business to business. Manage revenue goals of 40-50 hospital customers and potential revenue ranging from $15 – $30 million. Coordinate contract negotiations and proposal presentations to customers. Serve primary for both sales initiatives and customer support activities. Develop strategic market analysis and planning to include customer demand. Consistently exceeds company goals. For more information on this exceptional candidate please contact Lisa Bianchini,


237,850 – Senior Project Director – 5 years experience leading global research and development initiatives on behalf of major brands. Co-managed major national account, successfully implementing new product offerings which led to a 33% increase in one year, over $2M in account revenues. Conduct research and evaluate property data collected from 169 national metro areas with 1,800 submarkets. Train and supervise team members and research associates from multiple divisions and departments, ensuring compliance with company research protocols and project guidelines. Evaluate national performance of new products, package designs and advertising campaigns, assessing logo designs, tag lines and product concepts across multiple geographic regions and demographic markets. For additional information on this exceptional candidate please contact Lisa Bianchini,


242,567 – Senior Research Manager *Will consider consulting or temporary opportunities*- 15 years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Specializing in syndicated, custom, media, advertising, and consumer insights research in traditional and online platforms. Provide sales, marketing, and editorial teams with valuable market research insights utilizing variety of research methodologies and recruitment methods to meet their specific business goals. Experience with survey based and data analytics ROI campaign performance studies to measure its success leading to additional ad spends and renewals. Key member in the development of a multi-million dollar research platform that focused on utilizing data analytics matching back to pharmacy sales data to optimize campaign performance and reach client’s return of investment (ROI) goals. For additional information on this exceptional candidate please contact Lisa Bianchini,


243,273 – Marketing Manager, SEO – 10 years of hands-on experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. Manage the entire SEO program for clients, including strategic vision, daily SEO efforts, and reporting. Provide primary SEO expertise: technical SEO, SEO for business & marketing objectives, SEO copywriting, mobile SEO, and social SEO analysis. Provide guidance and leading development of technical roadmap of SEO website enhancements and SEO fixes to improve performance to improve SEO performance. Improve SEO program performance through Merchandisers partnerships, identifying new target keywords, improving click-through rates via improved messaging in ranked pages. Increased natural search traffic & sales by at least 25% every year for the last three years. Averaged $15,000-$20,000 in monthly sales. BS – Business Administration. For additional information on this exceptional candidate please contact Tom O’Hanlon,


241,098 – Medical Writer/Strategist – 12+ years of scientific experience across a variety of therapeutic areas and writing disciplines. Serve as a medical writer and strategist during pre- and post-launch marketing activities, along with new business initiatives in a variety of therapeutic areas in US and OUS. KOL presentations, messaging for market research. Scientific content and appropriate referencing of all scientific claims. Insight mining in regulatory documents such as CSRs and protocols. Various experiences in the management of medical writing and related activities within a healthcare communications agency. Assists in writing of CSR and draft labels for pharmaceutical clients. Analysis and data handling of regulatory documents (eg, CSRs, study protocols) for medical writing purposes. Brand planning. Multiple degrees. For additional information on this exceptional candidate please contact Kim Laipple,